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What are the most common causes of injury in golfers?

By 15 February 2024April 3rd, 2024No Comments

It’s a very common question I get asked when speaking to golfers. It’s worth listing the most common causes so that golfers can prevent injuries from happening and are able to play more!

This paper is a useful guide to the most common causes (1):

  • Overuse injuries count for 82% of all golfing injuries. In particular, I see most injuries when golfers have significantly increased the number of balls they hit at the range, or amount of rounds they’ve played in the week
  • A change in equipment
  • A lack of warm-up 10mins before you hit has been shown to DOUBLE your injury risk
  • Carrying a golf bag increases your chances of back and shoulder injuries
  • Faulty swing mechanics, for example excessive wrist flicking on the downswing, combined with an increase of balls hit can overwork certain parts of the body causing injury
  • A lack of physical conditioning and fitness which can’t cope with the forces of the swing.

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