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Injury can stop you doing the things you love…let’s resolve them together…

Pat has treated thousands of non-golfers in his 14-year experience.

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What to expect:

  • In your first appointment, Pat will ask questions about your injury.
  • You’ll go through a thorough assessment of the injury together based on movement and strength testing.
  • If appropriate, he may try some hands-on treatment in the session and re-test.
  • Based on this assessment and your goals, you’ll put a rehabilitation plan in place together based on exercise-therapy
  • You’ll continue to monitor progress using objective measures in each session until you’ve achieve your goals pain-free!

If further investigating is necessary, Pat can recommend consultants in his network to do this.

“I went to DPG earlier this year as an old ACL injury in my knee had flared up. Basically I have been doing a lot of HIIT classes on a hard court tennis court. This resulted in a lot of stress going through the knee. Turns out it was unstable and so creating a lot of pain and inflammation. After just two sessions Pat got to the bottom of it and then gave me a few specific exercises to strengthen the knee.”

James Vivian