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I don’t like taking painkillers

By 11 February 2024April 3rd, 2024No Comments

This is a common statement by a lot of patients in pain that I treat. Some worry that painkillers just mask symptoms rather than helping resolve the issue. Others see painkillers as a sign of weakness and rely of their ‘high pain threshold’. I empathise with their feelings; however, pain relief will allow a much quicker recovery from injury. Therefore, I always recommend patients seek advice from their GP or Pharmacist about taking painkillers for short periods of time (I’m not a prescriber so can’t give advice). They don’t have to of course, but there is good evidence for paracetamol in particular being recommended for acute and chronic pain (1).

Pain relief allows a window of opportunity to develop the strength of an injury through exercise and rehabilitation. This will allow patients to get back to their targeted sports quicker!

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