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Blood Flow Restriction

Have you had a knee operation and it’s not quite recovering how you expected?

Have you had pain at the front of your knee for a while and it’s not improved?

Blood Flow Restriction training may help you…

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What to expect:

  • In your first appointment, Pat will ask you questions about your knee history
  • This is followed by some movement and strength tests based on your answers.
  • Based on the above and a health screening questionnaire we will discuss whether Blood Flow Restriction would be worth starting.
  • If it’s appropriate, we will apply a tourniquet cuff around the top of the thigh of the effected knee.
  • We wait for the machine to calibrate with the cuff, which involves the tourniquet inflating on your thigh and gauging the right pressure for the treatment.
  • If we’re ready to go, you perform exercise in session with the inflated tourniquet on.
  • It’s very stimulating, but has a continued body of evidence behind it’s benefit of building muscle and reducing pain

Blood Flow Restriction Exercise: Considerations of Methodology, Application, and Safety