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Driving Performance Golf

Driving your game to play golf pain free

Dedicated to giving you a pain free life on and off the golf course, Driving Performance prides itself on delivering a tailored approach to golf physiotherapy.

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Golf Physiotherapy

Have your old or new golf injury assessed, treated and resolved by a specialist golf physiotherapist with lots of experience.

  • Neck and back pain
  • Shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulders and more
  • Hand and wrist injuries including DRIS, TFCC injuries and more
  • Elbow pain including golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow and more
  • Hip and knee injuries
  • School-age injuries
  • Post-operation rehabilitation


Pat has vast experience of treating non-golfers also. Injuries include:

  • Running injuries
  • Racquet sporting injuries
  • Rugby, football and Cricket injuries
  • Post-operation rehabilitation
  • Adolescent injuries

What our satisfied patients say…

Pat treated my 12 year old son after he broke his back playing rugby. It was a major injury and Pat was incredible supporting him to be able to return to playing golf and rugby. Pat initially provided physio treatment, but most importantly, he then developed a personalised rehab exercise programme.

Caroline Farr

Having had persistent injuries for the last 6 years, seeing a number of different physios and being told by the NHS, that I “have to live with annual injury recurrences” it was a hard situation to follow. However still trying to find a solution, I was recommended to Pat not only for his deep expertise of physio, but his knowledge of golf and how both intertwine.

Freddie Kochnari

I’ve worked with Pat on many occasions and trust him to look after and rehabilitate my patients, with golf injuries or otherwise. Having spent many years working on the European and Senior Golf Tours myself, I can see he has a thorough and clear approach when assessing and treating his patients. Would highly recommend!

Dr Ajai Seth

I can't recommend Pat more highly. Having suffered a running injury for nearly 12 months, and having seen other physios and a consultant, I was no closer to resolving my issue. Two weeks after bring introduced to Pat I had already made significant progress and that trajectory continued over the following month so that I am now injury free.

Geoff Pople