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Read the testimonials of our satisfied patients

Golf Physiotherapy

“Pat has been amazing in helping me rehab a wrist injury over the past 5 months. His knowledge and expertise is second to none, and his ability to communicate with the rest of my team was incredibly efficient. He really helped to keep everybody informed and on the same page so that we could work towards a common goal. I’d highly recommend Pat to everybody!’ Google Reviews

Pavan Sagoo
Golf Physiotherapy

“I’ve worked with Pat on many occasions and trust him to look after and rehabilitate my patients, with golf injuries or otherwise. Having spent many years working on the European and Senior Golf Tours myself, I can see he has a thorough and clear approach when assessing and treating his patients. Would highly recommend!”

Dr Ajai Seth

“Pat treated my 12 year old son after he broke his back playing rugby. It was a major injury and Pat was incredible supporting him to be able to return to playing golf and rugby. Pat initially provided physio treatment, but most importantly, he then developed a personalised rehab exercise programme. His knowledge of sport and understanding just how much my son could do each week was first class. This included what golf swings he was able to do and irons to use. I’m convinced our son’s quick recovery was down to Pat’s expertise. I would highly recommend Pat for all areas of sport development and treatment.”

Caroline Farr
Golf Physiotherapy

“Pat has been absolutely wonderful with every injury I have faced! I have had several different injuries over the years and he has been brilliant at fixing each one. He has a really positive attitude, immense knowledge and gives you great rehab exercises. I would recommend him 110%!”

Karishma Chandhyoke

“Recently had an ongoing issue with non-injury related hip pain that was preventing me from doing the exercise I enjoy (running, Olympic lifting, crossfit). I was recommended to see Pat at Driving Performance as a very skilled physio who also has a good understanding of those with hypermobile joints, as well as being focused on those wanting to return to sports.

After a thorough initial consultation and observations, he worked with me during half a dozen in-person sessions with physical therapy to the joint and surrounding areas, strengthening/activating movements, as well as at-home exercises and guidance on what I should and shouldn’t avoid in the gym.

I was soon able to safely return to all of the activities I’d put on hold, and have even managed to come back and put 5kg on my all time personal best back squat, despite not having done much heavy lifting for four months!

Would absolutely recommend Pat to any athletes wanting to get the best out of their bodies.”

Louise Cockburn
Golf Physiotherapy

“Pat is a trusted colleague and advisor. As a strength & conditioning coach working with many of the top English juniors based in the South I regularly recommend Pat for any musculoskeletal health problems. His technical domain knowledge is second to none which together with his understanding of the swing and his humble and personal style always make him popular amongst the players.”

Simon Brearley

“I can’t recommend Pat more highly. Having suffered a running injury for nearly 12 months, and having seen other physios and a consultant, I was no closer to resolving my issue. Two weeks after bring introduced to Pat I had already made significant progress and that trajectory continued over the following month so that I am now injury free. Pat is super clear in his approach and gives great guidance on how far you should / should not push yourself during rehabilitation. If only I’d known Pat 12 months earlier !!!!”

Geoff Pople