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Golf Physiotherapy

Does the golf swing cause you pain? Or does walking the course give you pain?

Let’s find out why, and make a plan to resolve it…

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What to expect:

  • In your first appointment, Pat will ask questions about your injury based on his expertise in golfing injuries.
  • This is followed by some movement and strength tests based on your answers.
  • If it’s appropriate, Pat may use hands-on treatment in the session whilst discussing and demonstrating a rehabilitation plan with you based on exercise therapy.
  • After the first session, he will give you a realistic recovery timeframe.
  • The injury recovery will be monitored throughout using objective measurements to check progress until you’re back to pain-free golf.
  • He’ll check swing videos with your coach, and if necessary he’ll recommend consultants in his network for further investigations like MRI scanning etc. This can aid clarity of diagnosis.

“I started working with Pat about 8 weeks ago after wanting to improve my golf game, but also fix a back issue that I’ve struggled with for 5 years after a car crash. After analysing my issues, he put together a tailored gym plan for me and 6 weeks later I not only can hardly feel any back pain but I’m starting to gain yardage with my shots due to the explosive work we have started doing. Looking forward to seeing how strong we can make everything we are working on!”

Sam Bailey